Anime Secret Santa: Level E and the Prince of Shit

Heavenly father forgive me, for I have sinned, it has been three years since the last time I remembered to sign up for Anime Secret Santa. This year, in a rare moment of clarity, I took a break from spewing garbage for just long enough to send in an application on time. I was blessed with a Santa with a good sense of humor. Of the shows I was offered, I chose to watch Level E, a show about Baka, the alien Prince of Trash.


Level E is a show that teaches through example just how vulnerable the position of the viewer can b- just kidding. Honestly my feelings about this show aren’t deep, nor are they profound. I didn’t find new meaning to life through the prince’s exploits. What I did find was a show willing to dunk on, and at the expense of, the viewer. I’m not exactly for shows that promote self-deprecation, but I think a healthy dose of humility is something that I needed. To realize just how gullible I am through an animated cartoon is refreshing. Level E has a propensity towards being melodramatic, yet over and over I fell for the prince’s ruses, only to become that which he feeds on: someone who gets dragged along in his pace.

The prince yearns desperately for the attention of others, and gets off on seeing his elaborate plans to screw with people come to fruition. He expends painstaking effort to construct elaborate, adaptive joke setups, and yet often plays the part of the innocent, bumbling royal. In reality this is yet another thread in his web of lies. Behind his façade lies an overwhelming intellect, and strategic mind. I can only assume it is ennui which causes him to seek out such strange thrills.

For as much as he misfortunes others, Baka has a strange animal magnetism about him that keeps those he fools coming back for more rather than just outright disowning him. Perhaps it’s his golden flowing locks, and pale blue eyes.

So there you have it. Baka Ki El Dogura, Prince of Dogura, Intergalactic Peacekeeper, Veritable Living Piece of [Beautiful] Shit:

Thanks for introducing me, Santa. Overall I’d say that Level E was a pleasant experience, especially when the prince was focusing his sadistic impulses on the other characters in the show rather than me.